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Say ‘Hola’ and ‘Bonjour’ to Rosetta Stone Picture Dictionaries

by Rosetta Stone
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Introduce young learners to a new language in a way they’ll love through the colorful pages of Rosetta Stone picture dictionaries! Available in Spanish and French, these dictionaries help readers experience the joy of speaking a new language. Give your child the excitement of counting in French all on their own, or go through the books together and sound out Spanish words for objects around your home.

These picture dictionaries are available to order now from the Rosetta Stone Amazon store. Take a look at what you’ll find inside them:

Over 500 words and phrases

Created by the leading expert in language learning, Rosetta Stone picture dictionaries are designed to be approachable and encouraging to young learners. Each dictionary contains over 500 common words and useful phrases for their language, along with matching illustrations to delight children and capture their attention. Readers will find sections on numbers, colors, food, animals, and even items they would find at school, so they can use their new vocabulary in everyday life!

Captivating language insights

On almost every page, learners will find helpful language tips and fun facts to keep them intrigued and give them a deeper appreciation of their new language. Did you know that, in French, raccoons are called raton laveur (“washing rat”) thanks to their habit of dipping their food in water and rolling it around in their paws? Your child can discover that and more while they’re building the foundations of a new vocabulary.

Fun and helpful audio

With Rosetta Stone picture dictionaries, the joy goes beyond the pages of each book. In addition to text, the picture dictionaries incorporate practical and entertaining audio elements. Readers can hear every word and phrase in the dictionary pronounced by a native speaker by scanning QR codes printed on pages. This gives learners a chance to cultivate an authentic accent right from the start!

As a fun bonus, readers can also find audio of the sounds animals make in Spanish and French. Learning new animal noises, such as the Spanish “guau guau” for a dog or French “coin coin” for a duck, is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

Join in with a special offer

After you purchase a picture dictionary, you can get the rest of the family involved in language learning with a special offer from Rosetta Stone! Picture dictionaries come with a membership discount for Rosetta Stone’s learning platform. Follow along with your young learner in Spanish or French, or choose from over 20 other languages to learn.

Get your picture dictionary today, exclusively on Amazon, and bring language to life!

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