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Spanish Color Words

Learn how to say the colors in Spanish with Rosetta Stone’s award-winning program.

by Rosetta Stone

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States behind English. And there are more Spanish speakers in the United States than in Spain. Over 40 million, in fact! This makes learning Spanish an incredibly popular endeavor for many.

A rudimentary understanding of Spanish colors is an important first step of learning basic vocabulary. The ability to understand Spanish colors allows you to both identify and describe things, and you may be surprised to see how much you will use colors in everyday conversation.

Here is a list of the most common colors and their English counterparts:

  • Verde = Green
  • Rojo = Red
  • Azul = Blue
  • Amarillo = Yellow
  • Morado = Purple
  • Rosado = Pink
  • Anaranjado = Orange
  • Marrón = Brown
  • Negro = Black

One thing you’ll want to take note of is that when referring to the word “orange,” there are different translations of the word depending on whether you mean the color or the fruit. The color orange is “anaranjado.” The word you would use for the fruit is “naranja.”

Learn How To Say Colors in Spanish

Rosetta Stone has the language learning experience and tools to help you become a confident Spanish speaker whether you’re a true beginner, or an intermediate Spanish speaker looking to advance your skills. With over 25 years of experience, we have designed programs for every level that will build confidence in speaking and understanding Spanish. Our approach is immersive and focuses on contextualizing learning. We teach you the language using our patented Dynamic Immersion® methodology which will prepare you with the necessary confidence to handle any situation in Spanish.

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When learning Spanish, using correct pronunciation is critical, and you will need immediate feedback to make sure your practice is accurate. Our patented speech-recognition engine is called TruAccent™. This technology instantly compares your voice to native Spanish speakers. The real-time feedback allows you to make the necessary corrections immediately, and also fine-tune your accent. TruAccent is among the most powerful tools for helping you learn and speak the language.

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