This is How Thanksgiving is Celebrated Around the World

Some could argue that Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday. Each year, we celebrate by eating American dishes like macaroni and cheese, turkey, and green bean casserole, all while enjoying American pastimes like football and watching the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving…

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3 Ways to Work Exercise Into Your Language Routine

If you’re wondering how to learn a language fast and fluently, exercise could be one of your secret weapons. You probably know that working out is one of the most important activities you can do to take care of yourself….

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Music Recommendations From Around World

When I was in elementary school I went to a Spanish immersion school. And when I was in first grade, an obsession rippled through our school. The obsession was a song (with some amazingly choreographed dance moves) called “Asereje” by…

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Merry Mingling: Festive Food Guide

Before you pull up a seat at the holiday table, study the rules of etiquette so you can avoid a faux pas (yes, that’s French for lack of tact, or rude foreigner, depending on who you ask). While taking cues from your host or hostess is never a bad idea, it’ll also impress them if you come equipped not just with a symbolic gift but with the kind of consideration for their cultural values that money can’t buy.

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