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Trilingual Diaries: Unconventional Ways to Learn a Language From Home

Even in times of self-imposed isolation, we can still become proficient in a language. I fooled myself into believing that my environment had a direct impact on whether or not I could speak a language. The key to learning a language is effort. Here are some ways to think outside the box when it comes to not just learning a language but learning a different culture as well.

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Speaking Japanese (in Seattle)

You don’t have to travel the world to use another language (although if you can, you should). To prove it, we’re teaming up with locals to explore American neighborhoods where cultures and languages thrive—and we started in Seattle. We met…

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Merry Mingling: Festive Food Guide

Before you pull up a seat at the holiday table, study the rules of etiquette so you can avoid a faux pas (yes, that’s French for lack of tact, or rude foreigner, depending on who you ask). While taking cues from your host or hostess is never a bad idea, it’ll also impress them if you come equipped not just with a symbolic gift but with the kind of consideration for their cultural values that money can’t buy.

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