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The Best Gifts for Busy Professionals

by Rosetta Stone
Holiday Gift Guide for Professionals

The holidays can be a hectic time, and for many busy professionals, they’d really like the one gift that’s difficult to give—time. While you can’t wrap-up stolen minutes, you can focus on gifts that help the hard-working folks in your life take a moment for themselves.

From stress relief to efficiency, these products give back something precious we could all use a little more of. It’ll feel good to know your gift will give the opportunity to take time off and focus on making memories with friends and family this holiday season.

Get Efficient

1. Give the gift of a clean house

If there’s one thing busy people will appreciate, it’s one less thing on their lengthy to-do lists. Tidy serves various metro areas across the United States with a network of cleaning services designed to take care of the mess, so they don’t have to.

2. A little Lyft goes a long way

Lyft recently expanded its coverage area and 9 out of 10 Americans now have access to the ride-sharing service in their area. Grab a gift card for that business professional who is always looking for a ride to the airport or a hassle-free evening commute.

3. For those who need to recharge on the go

People who work in business, technology, media, and more all have one thing in common—their battery life is always in short supply. Give the gift of working on-the-go by keeping their smartphone or other devices charged and online with those powerful bullet batteries.

4. Give the gift of caffeine

For some busy folks, caffeine is a lifeline that gets them through a hectic day. Make it just a little easier by bringing artisan coffee from Blue Bottle to their doorstep with a monthly subscription box. You choose 3- or 6-month subscriptions or tailor your own gift subscription to choose the types of coffee and delivery frequency.

Get Challenged

5. Be creative with online classes

It may seem like adding one more thing to a packed schedule is a bad idea, but this may actually force some dedicated creative time that’s badly needed. Craftsy has a menu of online classes to choose from such as knitting, cooking, and even art classes, all of which can be taken from the comfort of your own home in pajamas.

6. Give the gift of bilingualism

If your ambitious friends or family members are looking to advance their career, or just want a new hobby, the gift of language will be much appreciated. Rosetta Stone has more than 24 languages to choose from, with an award-winning mobile app.


Get Relaxed

7. Green up their workspace

If they’re going to spend lots of time at the office, might as well make that desk as appealing and comfortable as possible. After all, it’s a home away from home. This desk planter accomplishes that with multifunctional space that includes room for succulents or ferns up top and pens or other tools below.

8. Put their feet up for some pampering

Make sure your busy bee schedules some time to indulge with a spa gift card. Spa Finder has a network of quality spas and retreats across the United States that serve as little oases where your loved one can get a mani-pedi, facial, massage, or spend some time soaking in the quiet of an undisturbed hour or two.


Get Practical

Holiday Gift Guide for Professionals

9. Roll up with the gift of cord control

One thing all busy professionals who are plugged in have are a lot of devices and thus, a lot of cords. Help them keep track and avoid a tangled mess with this travel roll that keeps cables secure and in one place so they don’t get left behind at home or in hotel rooms.

10. Smooth clothing wrinkles

If you’ve got someone on your nice list who travels often for business, this handy steamer is going to be a gift that gets plenty of mileage. While some shirts and skirts can be easily ironed, there many garments like expensive suits or formal dresses that are best smoothed over with steam.

Disclaimer: Recommendations published in this guide are for general information purposes only and should not be considered product endorsements. Rosetta Stone does not profit or have an affiliate relationship with any of the companies whose products are included in this guide.

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