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The Color Orange in Spanish

by Rosetta Stone

Learning Spanish is a valuable asset both personally and professionally. In the United States alone, there are more than 40 million Spanish speakers. Learning colors in Spanish is an important part of basic vocabulary, and you would be surprised how much colors are used in daily conversation. A basic understanding of Spanish colors can help you to both identify and describe things.

In Spanish, if you are referencing the word “orange”, the word you would choose would depend on whether you are talking about the color or the fruit. If you are talking about the color, you would use “anaranjado”. If you are referring to the fruit, you would use “naranja”.

Here are other common colors and their translation in Spanish:

  • Orange = Anaranjado
  • Red = Rojo
  • Blue = Azul
  • Yellow = Amarillo
  • Green = Verde
  • Black = Negro
  • Brown = Marrón
  • Purple = Morado
  • Pink = Rosado

Learn to say orange and other colors in Spanish

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