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The Rosetta Stone App: 6 Features to Accelerate Language Learning

by Rosetta Stone

Who says you have to sit at a computer to learn a language? We want you to take your learning on the go—which is why the Rosetta Stone app is jam packed with features that make mobile, bite-sized learning possible. We’ve even built mobile-exclusive features that up the ante on immersive learning and encourage you to interact with your surroundings, whether you’re learning from the classroom or on the commute to work. 

We believe the most effective language tools are ones that work with your schedule and your lifestyle. Rosetta Stone’s app is flexible, allows you to work at your own pace, and ensures you can start speaking a new language immediately. 

The Rosetta Stone App 

Today, we’re honing in on six app features designed to help you make the most out of your language learning journey. You can access them after downloading the Rosetta Stone app for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Android tablet

Here’s a look at the six learning tools we’ll be diving into: 

  • Rosetta Stone Courses 
  • Phrasebook
  • Stories
  • Live Lessons
  • Audio Companion
  • Seek and Speak 

While Rosetta Stone Courses are the core component of your language learning experience, the app’s additional features can help you reach your unique goals faster. If you’re looking for an interactive experience, Seek and Speak facilitates real-world fun while building key conversational skills. 

Stories, Phrasebook, and Audio Companion are bite-sized exercises for solo language exposure and practice. And Live Lessons helps you take the next step with expert-led lessons and opportunities to connect with fellow students. 

Dive into each feature below and discover a new tool for your language learning journey! 

Rosetta Stone Courses for learning Hindi on the Rosetta Stone mobile app

Rosetta Stone Courses

Rosetta Stone Courses are the foundation of your language learning journey. Each unit walks you through a series of core lessons and exercises focused on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and listening. 

We make mobile learning fun and functional with: 

  • Bite-sized lessons with estimated practice times—most lessons only take 5-10 minutes! 
  • Downloadable units for offline use 
  • Speech recognition through phone or headphone microphones

You’ll want to spend the most time learning in courses to master the fundamentals, but we highly recommend that you supplement your learning with other features! Practice time in courses is up to you and your progress goals. For most learners, we recommend 30 minutes a day. 

Learning how to say hello in Spanish on the Rosetta Stone app's feature, Phrasebook


We’re all about learning at your own pace and making the most of your practice time. Enter Phrasebook. Whether you’re traveling or looking to establish a deeper connection with your local community, Phrasebook can help you build language proficiency for daily interactions. 

You’ll have several categories to choose from, and each one includes key phrases for common interactions. From greetings and polite phrases to shopping and health and safety, Phrasebook allows you to jump between topics at your leisure. 

After choosing a category, you’ll be able to flip through phrases, similar to a deck of digital flashcards. Each phrase includes on-demand pronunciation from native speakers, as well as Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent speech recognition that ensures your pronunciation is easily understood. 

Phrasebook is a fantastic way to learn new phrases in a short amount of time. Here’s a challenge—see how many phrases you can learn between classes or on your morning commute! 

A story in Mandarin on Rosetta Stone's app feature Stories


Stories bring life to conversation. It’s human nature to love telling stories and to love hearing them! Rosetta Stone’s Stories capture our universal love for storytelling with bite-sized narratives that keep you engaged and help you fine-tune your listening skills. 

Each unit has a variety of stories to choose from—some you’ll breeze through and some you can sit with for a while—that match the unit’s key skills and proficiency levels. The emphasis is of course on language learning, but stories are a great introduction to the culture that surrounds each language. You’ll find additional cultural context and history embedded in every narrative that will better inform your understanding of the language as a whole. 

Once you choose a story, you’re free to decide how you want to engage with it. You might choose to read it to build your comprehension skills or listen to a native speaker reading it. We highly encourage you to take advantage of the third option—record yourself reading it!—to get additional pronunciation and speaking practice. 

Each story is downloadable so you can listen to it on the go. Put them in the lineup next to your favorite foreign language podcasts for a truly immersive experience! 

Live Lessons

New to the app, Live Lessons take you to the next level of language learning with expert-led live courses delivered directly to your phone. You’ll have the opportunity to attend interactive lectures that hone in on topics at your unit level. At each 25 minute livestream, you’ll be able to answer polls, chat with other learners, and practice your pronunciation. 

The Live tab on the Rosetta Stone app also has a library of on-demand videos that you can watch on the go, including conversational tips and short videos on common pronunciation pitfalls to avoid. Like Rosetta Stone’s Stories, you’ll be able to build your cultural knowledge with travel videos and regional interviews.

Lessons in Unit 1 of Rosetta Stone's Audio Companion

Audio Companion 

Like Rosetta Stone’s Stories, lessons within the Audio Companion are downloadable, playable offline, and align directly with units in Rosetta Stone’s core lessons. Each Audio Companion lesson will walk you through the vocabulary, statements, and questions covered in its corresponding unit. Similar to a traditional language learning tape, native speakers will say key phrases and you’ll be prompted to repeat to refine your pronunciation. 

Audio Companion lessons are best used in tandem with the unit you’re currently working on, but you can also use them as a quick review of key vocabulary and phrases or as a preview of future material.

Seek and Speak 

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a scavenger hunt? As an exclusive feature on Rosetta Stone’s iOS apps for select languages, Seek and Speak builds fun, vocabulary-focused challenges out of your real-world surroundings and turns them into personalized conversation practice. 

First, pick any challenge to start “collecting” items! You’ll be prompted to capture images that match the challenge requirements using your smartphone’s camera. Nathalie took her challenge to a Paris farmer’s market to improve her French, but there’s no need to travel to use this feature. You’ll be able to complete your interactive scavenger hunt and build your language skills from the comfort of your home, office, or classroom! 

After collecting all five items for each challenge, Seek and Speak walks you through key conversational statements and questions specific to the items you chose. If you’ve chosen the fruit challenge, for example, you’ll learn how to phrase questions and statements around fruit that you like, the amount of fruit you have, and how fruit fits into your dessert plans. After practicing reading and speaking, you’ll have the opportunity to use those phrases in a personalized conversation with audio recorded by native speakers. 

Seek and Speak leans heavily on our principle of Dynamic Immersion—we believe the best way to learn any language is to truly immerse yourself in dialogue. This feature takes everyday objects and makes them fun learning opportunities. 

The Takeaway

Language learning should always fit your needs and your schedule. The Rosetta Stone app makes it possible for you to interact with language frequently throughout the day, and our suite of interactive features improve your language retention! 

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, the Rosetta Stone app is free to download. Start learning today! 

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