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TruAccent: Learning with Rosetta Stone

by Rosetta Stone

Consider where you are in your language learning journey, and pat yourself on the back for all the milestones you’ve reached. Have you garnered an encyclopedic knowledge of regional slang? Or maybe you’ve expanded your conversation topics to include more than just the weather? No matter where you are, there’s a lot to be proud of! And of course, there’s always room for improvement. 

The one thing language learners often struggle with the most is nailing an accent. Pronunciation can be challenging, no matter what stage of learning you’re at. This is where your native language might be inhibiting you the most. 

From the time you were about six months old, you began mimicking speech patterns, learning how to move your mouth in very specific ways. As your language improved, you had years to practice, and all of your learning took place in a completely immersive environment. Those movements have become muscle memory, which is why they can be so difficult to change—by learning a new language and a new accent, you’re effectively trying to override old habits. 

All this to say: Cut yourself some slack! You’ve done it once, and you can do it again. And lucky for you, Rosetta Stone is here to support you at every step of the journey, especially this one—which is why we’ve built Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent

TruAccent helps learners improve their pronunciation from the very first lesson. Interested in learning more? First, watch the video below. Then, read on for more detail on how you can change your pronunciation skills for the better! 

What is TruAccent? 

There are speech recognition engines, and then there’s Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent. TruAccent achieves more than just detecting what you’re saying—it’s able to tell you how well you spoke each word or phrase. 

That immediate, definitive feedback is difficult to get anywhere else. If you’re learning on your own, it can be tough to pinpoint exactly where your pronunciation is off. 

With TruAccent, you’ll know exactly how your pronunciation stacks up. It takes the words and phrases you speak in real-time and compares them to millions of examples from native speakers. With that much data, you can be confident that your pronunciation is correct—you might even impress the locals! 

How does TruAccent work? 

Whether you’re learning new vocabulary or a new verb tense, Rosetta Stone puts real-world conversations first, incorporating ample opportunities for you to practice your speaking skills. And no matter your knowledge of a language, pronunciation is something that you can begin perfecting on day one.

You’ll use TruAccent on nearly every Rosetta Stone lesson! After you complete the speaking prompt, you’ll have immediate feedback on how you did—in red, yellow, or green—with the opportunity to repeat the phrase if you have room for improvement. 

Like many features on Rosetta Stone, you can easily adjust TruAccent to meet your language learning goals. If you’re a more advanced speaker, you can adjust TruAccent’s sensitivity for that extra push you need to sound like a true local. If you’re a beginner learner, feel free to put it on easy mode while you shift your focus to listening and comprehension. 

TruAccent even offers specific support for kids! Unlike other speech recognition engines, it’s specially calibrated for their non-linear speech patterns, as well as the likelihood of speaking in partial words. It’s the perfect tool to accelerate progress in both classroom and at-home learning, and it’s built right into their learning environment. 

Where can I access TruAccent? 

Because speech and pronunciation are the foundation of practical language skills, we’ve incorporated TruAccent into every language learning opportunity on Rosetta Stone. Learn one language or several at a time with Rosetta Stone Unlimited, and TruAccent will be there to help you feel confident in mastering each one. It’s included in every Rosetta Stone membership—no add-on required. 

TruAccent is also available on all devices. Whether you’re learning on your computer or practicing on your phone, you can perfect your pronunciation from home or on-the-go. Plus, it’s especially handy on the Rosetta Stone app. Practice your language skills on your morning commute or evening workout—with the right tools, TruAccent works from anywhere! 

Start using TruAccent today

Whether you’re learning in a classroom setting or at home, Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent makes it possible to perfect your pronunciation at any level. You can get immediate feedback on your accent, and feel confident knowing that you’re communicating clearly. 

Because TruAccent integrates seamlessly into every Rosetta Stone lesson, you can even refine your accent and learn new vocabulary at the same time! 

So check those milestones off the list, and don’t let mastering an accent intimidate you from reaching those loftier goals. 

Ready to get started? Learn more about Rosetta Stone’s language learning solution and TruAccent at www.rosettastone.com.

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